Bodetal Thale

Bodetal the mystic beauty in the northeastern part of the Harz mountains with the mystical gorge of the river Bode. Nowhere nearby you will find as many legends as here. Long time ago our ancestors felt the magic of the giant mountain scenery.
The Bodetal offers a wide range of possibilities to spent your holidays. There is much to explore for families, hikers, climbers and mountain bikers, as well for winter athleties and wellness enthusiasts.
Things to see:
Mythenweg: Nowhere is the Harz rich on legends like here in the Bodetal. Because of the many mystic and fabled stories is the region as well named as “Sagenharz”.
Center of many of these stories are the rock plateaus of the “Hexentanzplatz” and the “Rosstrappe”, wich are because of the exported location already in prehistoric times used as folk- or escapecastles. They were also place to workship heathenish-germanic gods.
In the city of Thale were 2004 fabled figures and symbols of the germanic gods from artists visualized. Take the “Mythenweg” tour throu the city, which I higly recommend. It’s an easy walk throu the streets and can be done by yourself in an hour. Make sure you get the free little info letter from the tourist information, which leads you throu the fantastic artworks.

Rosstrappe: A giant hoof print in the hard granite rock and down the river Bode, so presents the visitor the legend Rosstrappe. From there you get a fantastic scenic view of the rocky valley and to the Hexentanzplatz.
The story of the Rosstrappe:
The princess Brunhilde was on the run chased by the Ritter Bodo. She gave her horse the spurs, then it jumped with a mighty leap over the abyss and the footprints left in the rock. Ritter Bodo not made the jump and crashed into the eponymous Bode. Brunhilde lost her crown, which is now hidden deep in the Bodekessel.

Hexentanzplatz: Spook on the Hexentanzplatz. This was in many legend stories the meeting place for witches and the devil. On the Hexentanzplatz is also the Walpurgishalle which is build after germanic style.The Hexenhaus, Sagenpavillon and also the Zoo is worth a visit. From the cliffs near the Hexenplatz can you enjoy a breathtaking view over the Bodetal.




The Cable car and chair lift: Take a ride to the Hexentanzplatz with the Cabin Cable Car. Enjoy the ride with changing views to the fascinating scenery, rocky and green cliffs..
The as well relaxed variant uphill is the chair lift to the Rosstrappe. You can carry as well your bike with you if you plan to ride the downhill track.
Ride is open eastern-oct 9:30-18:00

Teufelsmauer: It was a dispute about land between the devil and god. And a bet: The land, which he build around a big wall in one night could the devil keep for himself. So starts the known Legend of the Teufelsmauer, their residues people captivate for centuries.

Hiking trips:
>Route 1 Hexentanzplatz – La Viereshoehe – Jungfernbrücke – Teufelsbrücke – Rosstrappe via Schurre
Moderate-hard / walking distance: 8km / can take up to a whole day depending on how much you stop

Hike up to the leftsidetop towards “Hexentanzplatz”
This is the most interesting place to go, for the whole family is there something. Check out the views from the cliffs. Keep going along the Zoo to “La Viereshoehe” (also a great view) from there hike down to the “Jungfernbrueke” towards the river Bode. Down there you can enjoy a cold beer in the beer garden before you keep going.
From the Jungfernbrueke is it just a short walk to the “Teufelsbrueke” and “Bodekessel”.
Before Teufelbruecke get up the hill again via Schurre towards Rosstrappe.
From Rosstrappe hike back down via Praesidentenweg or take the Chairlift (2,50EU).

>Route 2 Goethe Belsen – Jungfernbruecke
For a short and flat tour walk along the river Bode towards Goethe Felsen. Enjoy a meal and cold beer at the Jungfernbruecke and go back via the River walk, which you came from.
>Route 3
Jungfernbruecke – Goethe Felsen – Rosstrappe
easy- moderate
From Jungfernbruecke you can also hike via the river walk towards Goethe Belsen and then keep left slightly uphill to the Rosstrappe.
>Route 4
If you choose a cable car to get up the mountain, you have then the option to hike down to the river from both sides.

> Harzer Hexenstieg around 100km
Hike the long distance trail Hexenstieg via >>> Thale – Bodetal – Brocken – Osterode
Check the LINK for more information.


There is even more to see and do in Thale. for more Information check out the
Official website of the Bodetal


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