Phillip Island

Phillip Island

One of Melbourne’s Highlights is the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island. It’s a spectacular experience to watch these little Penguins coming from the Ocean and walking into the beach.

  • Start your journey by walking around at Cape Woolamai. You enter the island by Phillip Island Rd, turn left onto Woolamai Beach Rd and drive all the way to the car park at the end. Have a stroll around the beach. If you up for a little hike keep going to the cape and explore the cliffs. This is the highest and and most southerly point of the island.


  • Explore the Cape Woolamai Circuit (length 8km) by combining all three walking tracks. All tracks start from the car park by following the beach approximately 1km.

Pinnacles walk (green)
This track is 4 kilometers long, walking time of 2 hours return.

Old Granite Quarry Walk (blue)
This walk is 6 kilometers long, walking time of 3 hours return.

Cape Woolamai Beacon Walk(black)
This route is 6.6 kilometers long walking time of 3.5 hours return.
All tracks are easy to walk.



  • Explore the Conservation Hill and Rhyll Inlet loops located at Cowes-Rhyll Road.
    The Black Loop starts at Conservation Hill, along the mangrove boardwalk
    and Rhyll Inlet to Rhyll. It takes about 1,5 hours return.
    The Blue Loop starts at Conservation Hill, along the mangrove boardwalk to Rhyll Inlet Lookout. It takes about 1 hour return.
    The Green Loop is the mangrove boardwalk return track and takes 0,5 hour return.
  • Visit Churchhill Island Heritage Farm. The renovated farmhouse and cottage offer you a great view into the history of early Australian settlers. Their coastline walks offer great views of Phillip island. Access via Phillip Island Rd on to Samuel Amess Dr (near Chocolate Factory)
  • Walk the Bush to Bay Trail along the mangroves from the Koala Conservation Centre to Rhyll. The walk is a combination of the Oswin Roberts Reserve tracks and the Conservation Hill and Rhyll Inlet tracks. You can also ride the track with a bicycle.


  • Drive all the way to the west end to the Nobbies via Ventnor Rd and explore the Nobbies Centre. There you learn more about Seals, Whales and more. On the rocky outcrop at this point live many Seals, known as Seal rocks, which you can see on live stream tv. It’s pretty crazy how many seals gather together on this small rock formations.

At this point you have a good ocean view from the cliff walk. If you lucky you may see a Whale and here you already see some of the little Penguins and their burrows.

In the late afternoon make your way from the Nobbies to the Penguin Parade.
See the little penguins arriving at the beach going back to their burrows at sunset all year around.
Book your visit online well ahed during the summer, weekends and holidays!
That’s a thing I did twice, first time with the closer look, Penguin Plus Ticket, second the less expensive spot. If you enjoy this event just once I recommend paying more by getting the Penguin Plus Ticket. The money is for a good thing and goes into a not-for-profit organisation.

At the regular spot you still see a lot penguins coming in. When you make your way back over the boardwalk at the end of the show can you see the penguins as well walking their way into their burrows. All time is it not allowed to take photos at the parade to protect the penguins. The ranger doing a good job by giving informations about the penguins and answering all upcoming questions.

The parade can be visited all year around in any weather. It happens all outside and the wind coming from the sea can get pretty chilly depending on the season and weather condition. So make sure you bring warm clothes and a couple blankets with you if you not visiting during summer.

General Viewing 24,50$ Adult, 12$ Child
Penguins Plus 47$ Adult, 23$ Child

Make sure you book the Penguin Plus Ticket well ahed, especially the weekends can be sold out up to 4 weeks in advance during summer.
Check out their Official website and book your visit.

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Getting to Phillip Island
It takes easily 1,5 hours (130km) to get to Phillip Island from Melbourne Downtown by car. It is a pretty rush and impossible to see all attractions of the island on a day trip. Make sure you have at least 2 days and stay a night on the island. The island traffic can get on high season, weekends and holidays crazy crowded.

Website of Phillip Island



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