Cathedral Range State Park

CathedralRange State Park

CathedralRanges located near Buxton on Maroondah Highway offers you a stunningnature experience with steep rocky trails and breathtaking panoramicviews on the peaks. It is a 2 hour drive from Melbourne Central viaMaroondah Highway. The park has 3 campsites two of them are accessible by car (Needs Gully, Cooks Mill). For adventures hiker,you can hike in 2 days the full roundtrip of 18 kilometer with anovernight stay on the mountain at “the Farmyard” camp. Orjust enjoy a long day hike up to 13 km over the peaks.

The trail along the river, between Cooks Mill and Needs Gully, is an easyflat 40 min walk. Moderate follows the track then 1,5 h up to thepeaks. Hard and very rocky and only for experienced hikers makes thetrack its way on top over the range. It takes around 2 hours fromlittle Cathedral Peak to The Farmyard Campsite. It’s a veryadventures track on the tip where you really need to watch where youstep.

If you just hike for 1,5 days, you walk after your night at The Farmyardthe Jawbone Creek Tk (45 min easy) downhill back to Cooks Mill.

From the Farmyard follows the track ( 2 h hard) still on the tip of therange to Sugarloaf Peak, which is the highest peak in the state park.1,5 hours takes you the track medium downhill back to Cook Mill.

If you don’t want to hike that hard and still want to see the panoramicview, drive up to Sugarloaf Saddle and hike the short way up to Sugarloaf Peak on Wells Cave Tk.

Check out l ink to ParksVictoria Website for more Information.


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